bones naming

How to rename bones? is there a convention to follow so as to get the mirror paint skin weight working?or some automatic tool because actually if i use mirror feature then paint the right hand the bone deform right and left hand.

there are scripts to mirror the weight painting (in the scripts menu)

do you want to rename bones from “arm.L” to “arm.R” easily?

yes you can do that.

say you have 3 bones

turn on the x-axis mirror (make sure the center of the armature is at the center of your model)

in edit mode - duplicate the 3 bones
(they will now have the suffix .L.001)
with them still selected place them any where out of the way and press W>Flip names
(this will change the .L.001 to .R)

then select your original bones and grab them (g)
when you move your mouse - the new bones will snap to the mirrored position
(cancel the move with esc and it all should be good)

weight paint your model then use the script to mirror the weights

and if you don’t know how to name bones…type the names in the red highlighted bit
(always use a .L or .R for bones that are symentrical)


do you know a way of reoganizing bones. i do thinking that outliner can select and move things in the hierachy but you can only select and not reorganize things or parenting things.

sorry, afaik you have to rename/reparent/connect/disconnect them manually. Maybe next release, there’s plenty of people asking for that kind of functionality in the outliner…

you can’t re-organize in the outliner

but it may help you to turn on the names of the bones in the 3D view