Bones not working with mesh

Please also bear in mind that automatic weights aren’t meant to replace weight painting by hand. They provide a reasonably good starting point. You should still plan on cleaning up weights by hand after you go through the process of parenting your mesh to the armature.

Yeah, that’s the tweaking I mentioned. Though my rigs are often for bulky characters, and they have so many odd deformation-helper bones that my experience of automatic weights is a little different from the basic stick-figure armature used for most cases, including the bunny(?) in this thread.

Well. I kept the body and created a new head. Head works well aside from this. The eyes not moving with it.

I did join them using ctrl j. Gave it a green outline. So what gives?

You still have to give them some weight from the head bone. Check weight paint. I’ll bet when you select the head bone (armature should be in pose mode for this, by the way), the head will be red and the eyes will be blue. If that’s the case, the quickest fix is to go to edit mode. I’m assuming you took my advice back on page 1 of this thread and gave your bones useful names, and I’m further assuming that the head bone is named Head, because that’s obvious.

Go to the Vertex Group menu and select the Head group, then select just the eyes by holding the mouse over them and hitting L, then assign them to the Head group with a weight of 1. Now they should follow the head bone just like the rest of the head does.

well i think it’s done. I just have to adjust the weight paint now. By the end of the week i should have everything for my first vid. hopefully at least

well i wound up checking up on my mesh to see if there was glitches. found some of that mirroring crap on the hands. so i removed the hands and put in new ones. For some odd reason now the eyes will not work and I can’t weight paint on them

You’ve changed quite a bit since the last file I saw, obviously. That makes it hard to tell what the new problem is. Time for a new .blend file.

oddly enough. I just fixed it. thanks for all the help folks