bones out of sync

Iv created a rig for my character, using the mirror extrude (I think its called) to create the arms, so that I only need to worry about the left side, and the right side will automatically be created. but now the hand bones are out of sync. sometimes they move with the left side, sometimes they dont… most of the time they just mess up, so im wondering how can I resync the right side with the left.

Double-check the names of your hand bones. The bones must have exactly the same names on both sides, except the very end. So, for example, if you have index finger bones, you want them to be named like this:

On the left side:
On the right side:

There’s a problem if the bones are named like this:


The name of your bones must be followed by a suffix. The suffix must follow either a period (".") or an underscore ("_"). The suffix itself can be either a single letter (“L” or “R”), or the word “Left” or “Right.” I think these can be no-caps, all-caps or title case, but they need to match on both sides. Examples:

These are good:
Bone.left, Bone.right
Bone_L, Bone_R
Bone.005.l, Bone.005.r

These are bad:
Bone.left, bone.RIGHT
Bone.L, Bone_R
Bone.L.005, Bone.L.006.R

I agree with the above.

There is also a quick bone renaming option which should fix the problem very quickly, although I’m a little confused as to how to use it. I asked about this a week ago in this thread, but no one has been able to say how to use it.

I double checked, the names are all correct. This is the problem- the hand bone, on the right hand side seems to snap to the base of it child whenever I make a change on the left- see the image below.

Lancer- the bone renaming thing you were speaking about- is that where you, in the transform property panel, ctrl C the name on the left hand side, then ctrl v on the right hand side, then press W- flip left-right names???

Your finger and thumb bones are children of your hand bones. This is what you want. However, you currently have all of your fingers set to be “connected children” of your hand bone, and only on one side of the armature. Select one of the base finger bones, then check the F9 buttons window. The panel that shows the name of the selected bone also has a pop-up menu with that bone’s parent. Next to the parent pop-up, there’s a blue “Co” button. That button should be disabled on all of your fingers

It’s okay to leave the bones further down each chain connected to the base of each finger, because there’s only one parent bone in each of those cases. But you can’t have four finger chains all in separate locations, and all connected to one hand bone.

what would be the correct way to rig the hand, so that you dont have 4 finger chains all connected to the one hand bone?

Your setup is correct. You want the finger chains to be children of the hand bone. You don’t want the finger chains to be connected children of the hand bone.

Select a finger root bone, hit F9, and disable the “Co” button. Repeat for each finger chain.