Bones reseting when i move

Hi Blender Community.

My problem is when i try to edit or add new animations to my armature, The bones reset to his original position rotating or moving to a new location. In the start of the animation everything ok but when i try to add more actions to my model, i can’t anymore.

Only i can assign 1 line of keyframes, when is assigned are reseting to the last position of the keyframes. I am using a IK Bones.Player.blend (812 KB)

I upload my blender file is only me or i press or make something wrong.


Tried out your scene, and something seems fishy to me here, too. In the same file I created a separate IK chain with target, but ran into the same problem you describe.

So next, in a new blender file, I set up an IK chain and animated the target as well, and all seems fine:
moving the target, adding actions, mixing them, editing the actions…

But I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with your file :frowning:
Have you tried grouping the whole character with Armature, then importing it into another ‘fresh’ blend.file?

I create a fresh file, all is working fine, but only in this blend file, i import the armature and model in a new file but the same problem occurs but no grouping all. make the import trough append the armature and object. There are differences?

Found the problem:
With a bone selected in Pose mode or with the Armature selected in Object mode, go to the Object panel.
In the ‘Duplication’ area, change from ‘Frames’ to ‘None’.
Now you can set keyframes without problems.

While investigating your rig, I found some issues you might want to notice:
Ik chains: Only the last bone in the chain needs the Constraint. With the arms and legs of your Armature, also the Upper Bones have the IK constraint applied.
But if you delete those respective constraints, the bones start popping around.
So to prevent that, go back to editing your bones: When you build a leg or arm bone chain, make sure upper and lower bone have a tiny angle between them instead of being totally straight. This way the IK solver knows which is the preferred axis to rotate around…

Hope that helps.

Really thx a lot for the info & advice. Now i’ll check when have free time. That last think i forgot the tiny angle, was remembering something more need to make.

Problem Solved and new thinks learned. :smiley: