bones´rotation and scale stuck for animation???

Hi guys,

It turns that I come with this problem. I was animating frankie and squirrel for blender 2.57b and then the rotation and scale for every bone in both rigs is stuck. I cant rotate them through manipulator or hotkey, the only way I can do it is through using the transform sliders in the properties panel bar. I solved it by taking everything into a completely new file; BUT I still want to know what happened and how can it by solved (and not just by taking everything into a new file of course).

Here is the frankie rig I used:
The squirrel one was downlowded from the big buck bunny proje

The file with the stuck animation is attached here too.


rot-scale-stuck.blend (387 KB)

Deselect the ‘Manipulate object centers only’ button on the 3dview header (to the right of the pivotpoint selector)

Thanks :slight_smile: That was it