Bones snapping back. will not clear rotation. *Fixed*

Okay, so I’m trying to rig a model and I’m in the middle of weight-painting in the vert groups. While doing the weight-painting, I moved a few of the bones in order to see what verts were not yet assigned to a bone. Now, the bones will not return back to their original position. I can move any individual bone, but selecting any other bone causes the first to snap back. I’ve tried alt-r and alt-g, but the same thing happens. It also seems independent of pose mode. When i go into pose mode, the bones act the way they should, but upon returning to weight-painting mode, they are all back in this odd, edited position. Am I missing anything, or is something amiss here?

here’s the .blend:

You’ve keyframed all the bones in the “slumped” pose. You must have pressed “I” and chosen loc/rot.

You can either :

  • “disconnect” (temporarily) the action named “Action” in the action editor, by pressing the “X” beside the action name

  • delete all the action keys by selecting them all in the action editor and pressing delete




…how’d I miss that, lol! I could-a swore I checked that, too