Bones stopped moving in pose mode

Hi guys, so I’m in the process of making my first Blender (2.62) model and it seems like I’ve done something to where I can’t pose my armature anymore. In pose mode, I can select a bone, and when I drag it to reposition, the little black drag arrows pop up, but it doesn’t actually move when I drag around. I am in pose position, not rest position, and I have not set any bone constraints. I have no transform locks on and no protected layers.

I have a previous version of the file that works properly, and the only thing I can remember changing between the two versions is merging a few vertices. I don’t note any differences in settings between the two files, but I’m surely missing something. Here’s the file:


Thanks for any assistance.

Whoops, finally figured it out, somehow “manipulate center points” got unchecked.