Bones stretch bizarrely when posed (n00b problem)

I’ve been learning to use Blender for a while, not meeting much problems in the modeling aspect, but now I want to move on to animating, and I haven’t been able to use armatures properly.
Even when not linked to any mesh (therefore it’s not a rigging issue) the armatures behaves bizarrely. If I rotate a bone around the Z axis, it’s fine, but if I rotate it around the X or Y axis, it gets stretched vertically and flattened horizontally, completely distorting the shape.
I haven’t made a working armature at any point, so I have nothing to compare the settings to to figure out what I might be getting wrong.
I also don’t think it’s a software bug, I downloaded a newer version in case it helped and nothing changed.
I also found a few posts about the same thing while googling it, so I know it happens sometimes, but the only one that had an answer said it’s because the armature was scaled, but I built mine right over a finished mesh, no editing past extruding the bones and placing their ends at the joints. Besides, I couldn’t possibly have accidentally scaled every of my attempts in the same exact way!

So as it is, I don’t know how to correct that. I hope there is a solution because I’ve been enjoying working with Blender so far and I’m really interested in learning more.


This problem looks like you have scaled the armature with different values along the different axis, so realy make sure that the three scale values are 1 when you select your armature in edit mode.
Scaling your armature isn’t a problem as long as you do that in edit mode avoid doing that in object mode especially with different values along axis.

However if the armature hasn’t been scaled as you just said, I can’t figure why your armature works this way.
Perhaps could you post your .blend file.

Yeah, I’d remember it if I had scaled it like that… but there might be other operations that the computer ends up interpreting that way (no clue how that would be though) and if the computer thinks the armature is scaled, it’s no use arguing that it’s not, I might as well try to make it think I “unscaled” it. I’ll squish it on the sides it seems to interpret as stretched in object mode, then stretch it back to normal in edit mode. If it doesn’t work, I’ll post the file for further details.


Well I tried just that and it seems to work. Now I can start rigging!

I am having the same problem. I checked the scale values, and they’re all 1. I seriously can’t have a guy who shrinks by half when he turns sideways. I am not really a noob!!! Something is horribly wrong with blender:ba: (I have a feeling I am not the first to say that).
I sure hope I don’t have to redo the armature completely. I really dislike weight painting.

Oops, I hadn’t seen your reply!
Well I don’t know why Blender treats those armatures as if they were scaled, but it turns out you can work from that.
I did as described in my previous post, scaled up in object mode, then back down in edit mode. I scaled by 3 on X and Y, (then by 0.3) but what your armature needs might be different. Be ready to tweak it a bit.
Unparent it from your guy first! (it won’t erase your weight paint)

Thanks. Five minutes fiddling and I got it fixed. This is a BUG!