Bones tutorial?

Hi, I’m new to blender. I’ve completed tutorials on the most basic stuff… and how to do mesh-modeling etc. But now I want to learn how to use bones for. Are there any good tutorials on it? I can’t find any. :S

Here you can find some usefull tutorials

I found this one to be a good start at working with bones, YMMV.

mataii: Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

wkv: Yeah it’s a good base model to use when trying to get better at using bones and stuff, however I need to know how to first. :wink:

For the basic story on bones - in Blender 2.40 - go to:
It’s a work in progress but the fundamentals are there.

For the most recent Gus tutorial, keep an eye on:
Currently this only covers the modelling side but IamInnocent is working on part 2 - the armature and animation.