Bones Vrs Curve modifier for attaching and binding objects

So I use the curve modifier a lot and I am searching out different options for doing “path deform binding.” So if I want further control it seems I should learn more about using bones. ? Am I correct on that. ? Like if I want to attach an object to a path and have complete control where it attaches I could use bones to do this better right?

2.83-10-17-2020BindThisFaceToThisCurve.blend (729.3 KB) So in this example blend file pictured below:
But when I do I get this:

So I am wondering if there are addons that work better or if there are other methods that allow more control.
Max 2 had path deform Binding and there was an option to “move to path”

I’m no expert, but I think the curve deformer only affects the shape of the object, not the objects’ values like position, rotation and scale. So basically, the object is still located where it originally was and hence the position of the origin stays the same.

In this case, I’m not sure if I’ve understood what your goal is, but if you want to snap that face to that point of the curve object, you could place an empty at the destination point, and snap the object’s face to the empty

I found this post but I am unsure how this relates to my example.

This post was not very well thought out Sorry about that. Im doing some studies on the curve modifier and how to use it. When using the curve modifier its important to have the origins of both the curve and the mesh in the right place. I am looking at different ways to attach mesh objects to curves and have ways to adjust the position on the curve. When I attach multiple objects to a curve I need to duplicate the curve for each object. I am considering bones and armatures and how they might work to attach a mesh object to a curve path. So that is what this post is about - Can bones be used to attach a mesh to a curve ? Or there alternative ways to make things follow a path other than the curve modifier ? Are there addons avalable that make the curve modifier easier to deal with. ?

the missing link in my knowledge is constraints. Finally, I found this answer.

So now 3 months latter i’m like hmm now how did I do that. And so thankfully I made this post. Yes constraints works to attach a object to a curve and be able to position it.
I will share this video

here he created a dummy object on an array and attached the said object to that and then used the instancing feature. That way the array modifier can be used without deforming the object. I am also looking at bones and Armatures and trying to wrap my head around that.