Bones & Weights


is there a way in blender to make the weighting visible for all bones/vertices?
in softimage i could see which vertex is skinned to which bone primarily like in this image:

is that possible in blender somehow?

cheers christian

or if there is another solution to see the weights for the vertices apart from clicking thru each vertex group please let me know :slight_smile:

I do not know of a way to do it. I’ve tried selecting multiple bones but the only one that will show is the last selected bone.

You can toggle on “Vertex Selection Masking”, located to the left of your layer selection panel and it will show each vertex and the weight it is assigned to each bone. (This info comes up in your “N” Panel under Vertex Weights.) I’m not sure that is helpful to you.

When I weight paint, I select the armature and enter Pose Mode. (Make sure you have your deformation bones visible so you can select them. Sometimes they will be hidden in a different bone layer. You can unhide bone layers from the armature panel. Also, clicking the check box for x-ray can be helpful.) Then I select the mesh and enter weight paint Mode. You can then pose your model (by selecting your armature bones) while looking at the weights of the bones (select the deformation bone you want to work with.)

Good luck!

hi dan,

thanks for all the info, i will take a look into everything. :slight_smile:
there is an addon called “show vertex groups/weights” btw that displays the weights directly next to your vertex