I’m a bit confused. Usually programs use bones. Does blender do this?

Of course it does!!

A bone structure is called Armature in Blender. Hit SPACE, add, Armature, and there you have it.

Go to the Wiki with this link and start reading the character animation pages in the tutorials section and in the user’s manual.

How do I anchor one side of the bone? I want the end of the last child and the beginning of the first parent to be anchored so if i move the insides it rotates and restricts the rotation so that the anchored points don’t move. (3 bones, this applies if i rotate any of them).

It can be done with an IK setup. look at some IK tutorials. I’d do it with two sets of bones, 2 on the top set on and 1 on the bottom, with the top’s end constrained to the end of the bottom one. Then just rotate the bottom one to make the wheel go up and down. If that makes sense.


Here’s what I have. It works, but I have to add that extra bone because the IK solver on the top 2nd bone can only go to the front of the first bone in the first set and not the end. Is there a way to bind it to the end of that bone so I don’t have to make another bone to bind it to at the location of the end of the 1st of the second set?

–And how do I assign these vertices?