I am riggind a model as of right now . I had a doubt whether two bones can have common area of overlap in Influence they have on armature

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Two (or more) bones can have a common area of influence. What’s the specific problem that you’re running into?

Yes, indeed they can. Each bone has a set of things that it influences and a specified amount of influence. Just … “be careful about doing things like that.” (In other words, I make it a point never to do it.)

The problem is two-fold: (1) realism, and especially (2) control. It’s really important that the effect upon the mesh(es) is both believable, if they’re on-camera, and that they are easily and predictably controllable by you.

For instance, I would strive to assign things to be influenced by one bone, then have various ways (actions and so-forth) which will control that bone. There might be more than one possible influence upon the bone, bounded by constraints and the like, but ultimately only one thing … that bone … affecting here-or-there on the mesh. I simply feel that I can “be in control of” that. That I can always predict what the outcome will be.