Bonfire Night over Black Lake

This was originally a water test for stucci texturing which i can never seem to work when i apply it to a material and i dont know why, the texture just refuses to apply the material. I had to use a material that already had stucci on it (the drit texture inside the ripstring file) and change it to look like water. Normally i just take a flat plane and fractal subdivide it then smooth it out and this produced better results.

Sky texture was one of M@dcow’s that i modefied to look more dramatic and dark. The fireworks i found on google and i just used calculated alpha on a plane infront of the sphere i used for sky. Last of all the water grass was a ripstring and there is actually no light source wat’so’ever.

C&C welcome

You mean “no lightsource what-so-ever”?

It’s awesome. Really nice affect. Although I might turn down the saturation in post pro, it’s a little heavy atm.
Fireworks is a great effect :slight_smile:

no post pro, and yes i did mean no lighting