Bongo finished- UPDATED

(EnV) #1

Here is the Bongo model for the “Modelling Bongo” tutorial I will post on my site as soon as possible.
What do you think?



(S68) #2

Very nice,

it really looks under water.

Nice halo spot effects.

Texturing is great, as usual from you 8)


(VelikM) #3

Good work, I like the Water surface. How did you make it?

(Da Bourz) #4

A tut on the water !! :wink:
A blend file !! :wink:

Nice image !

(paradox) #5

What do I think, I love it. I am looking forward to your tutorial.

(bmax) #6

WOW!! thats pretty impressive! whats a bongo? or did you just make that up, cause i never saw anything looking like that in the real world…

(EnV) #7

Better? May be not… I don’t know.**.jpg


(EnV) #8

Thank you all, guys.
A bongo is nothing at all: only a stupid name for a fantasy creature I made for the tutorial about modelling.
The water effect is fairly simple; the above surface is a plane with 3 or 4 wave effects applied and two textures: a caustic image and a marble procedural. The mist is the final touch.
I think I will made the blend file available with the tutorial on my site.

Absolutely I’d like to dimonstrate that Blender is a program that as nothing less than Lightwave or 3dmax!


(bmax) #9

whats the url to your site, env? im really keen on seeing other work by you!

(bmax) #10

never mind, i just remembered what the little “house” icon did… 8)

(paradox) #11

Env, I think I like the rock in the first one better but I do like the addition of the fish and the second rock in the second picture. Thanks for the info on how you did the water. Very nice. I like your creature too.

(ec2) #12

Wonderful work. It looks like a shot from what you might see on the National Geographic. Very nice work and you also have a nice portfolio.

(EnV) #13

Thank you.
Paradox, you are right: the first rock is better. I think I will do one other update…


(Caronte) #14

Nice image!
Awesome UV Mapping! Like ever! :wink:

I like the first one, on the second image the fish looks like cartoonish otherwise the main character looks real.

When you feel happy with this image, contact me and I will insert your image in the “Masters of Blender Gallery” on

:wink: See you.