Bongo project

Hello this is my first poject. I got this from a tutorial tell me what you guys think.

the problem I have is how do I cut the head? I tried the keypad P but it seems that it’s not working


your links don’t work even afetr copy pasting them

Yep, links are dead to me too

Geosites is unreliable, use for image hosting
(ive never seen it down)

About a month or so ago photobucket was down, you couldn’t get to your album and all… But it is a reliable server.

here it is my friends. My very first project.

I can’t seem to work in this one because I’m confuse with the instructions. Like cutting the head. Is there any way I can do it easily?

btw thanks for suggesting the photobucket :slight_smile:

Hi VanessWu.
Confused? Just select the head vertices in edit mode and press “P”; this will separate the selected vertices to a new object. Work on the part you need of the other object, then join again the head to the body by selecting both the object (out of edit mode) and pressing “Cnrtl+J”. Last, go in edit mode, select all vertices and press “Remove Doubles” in the edit window.