Bongo the Whale (Updated Pic)

Followed this tutorial basically, what do you think? - Free Image Hosting

Textures, lighting, AO, particle effect are all mine, any crits?[/u]

nice. think the texturing should b more realistic tho (like in the tut)

you made it 3 nostrils?

Nice. A little too skinny to be a real “bongo”… :smiley: Why 3 nostrils? Two are enough, IMHO.


Lol, didn’t even think about the 3 nostrils, hahaha :smiley: Oh, well before I read that I started rendering this, took a few hours cuz of reflection and refraction. Crits and Critiques welcome :smiley: - Free Image Hosting

i’m in love with this tut and this creature :slight_smile:

nice work, but caustics are more reasonable if bongo is underwater.

Nice job so far, I tried to do the environment tut but I couldn’t get it, its scewed. :stuck_out_tongue:

how long did it take to render :o ? a few hours :o :o :o !!? I like it however