Bonnie Barstow

I almost finished this Character for my knight rider fanart project. It’s not rigged yet. If anyone can tell me what to change i would be happy…

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I think the arms look kind of short; generally, the wrists end at about the crotch, while the fingers end around mid-thigh.

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Thank you, i also think the arms look wrong. I will work on that. here is a new version, i changed body and clothes:

i changed the arms and worked on face and hair.

Her arms could be longer

thank you for the input! her arms are now about three headlenghts long.

i made the hair longer and tried to give the face a more bonny-like look.

what do you think? can i move on to rigging? are the arms ok? i worked too long on this, and i can’t see anymore what looks off… maybe before i do the next character i should learn a lot of anatomy and proportion stuff. especially the mouth is so hard to get right for me.

Here’s a reeeally messy redline, which is hopefully helpful (and legible)?

It probably be a bit easier to show head on, but here’s what I see with it. I think the probably is that she’s kind of out of proportion, so by making her arms longer, it ended up making her legs look too short.

But that being said, I think it’s better to just finish it, personally, and just use more reference/practice anatomy next time. At least, that’s how I do my own art, even if I think it’s flawed (because I think finishing and making more is more important than just an endless loop of trying to perfect one thing).

Hey Minkmetrodon! Thank you for taking your time to do the paintover! i probably will leave it like this, after all it’s a good exercise to go through the whole process of character creation, regardless of the result. i’m looking forward to post a finished version with rig and facial shapekeys.

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one more update before rigging…

my goal was to make a cartoony version of patricia mcpherson aka bonny, but it doesn’t look much like her :frowning:

…the rig is finished, now i’m working on shapekeys for the face.