Bonsai and Alien

i would be glad for any sort of suggestions to improve this image:

done with a current svn-build and gen3, all textures except the sky and the floor are procedural.

the older version:

it’s the first of a series of independent one-day projects i plan to do, with the long term goal, to merge them into one animation at the end.

the second project: the alien … in an early state yet:


Looks pretty good, except the sky has a shadow on it.

well, that’s the window… it’s material doesn’t seem to fit well.

what is and svn-build?

svn is a version management-system like cvs, it contains the current source-code of blender. you can download this sourcecode and compile (‘build’) an executable program out of it.

but as a matter of fact this was unnessecary information concerning this image :slight_smile:

I’ve been realizing more and more lately that it all comes down to lighting. Try changing your setup. I picture this image with a nice diffused glow from outside casting soft shadows. (As opposed to the general all-around illumination you have right now.) I would suggest area lights as a start…

yes, it’s better that way.