Bonsai Tree

I am going to create a still life image which will be focused arround this bonsai I am starting to model. I am unsure at this moment in time on what else to include in this scene, so any ideas would be appreciated. One idea is to have several of these nice little trees in a derelict room… maybe a few vines growing through the broken windows. Still in the early stages, comments and criticism welcome :eyebrowlift:

Current Progress

Hello! It’s a good start :slight_smile:

A tip: When modeling anything organic, make sure you are not too linear. What I mean is that you branches are extruded only on one axis. If you made it more random, it might add to the scene. :slight_smile:

Great start! Good Luck!

Thanks for the tip. I have never modelled anything organic before other than an attempt at a seahorse which is on these forums some where, but never got completed. Will post an update this evening when i get home from work :slight_smile:

I have added some smaller branches using hair particles set to object then played around with the settings. I am not sure if there is a better way to add lots of branches, any help on this would be appreciated. The next step is for me to add some leaves. I am hoping that if i get the right ammount of leaves it might look ok and you wont be able to see the smaller branches sticking all over the place, in some strange directions :confused:

Instead of adding more, try to pull the first three of of the same axis.

Still needs to be textured but i think it is coming along nicely.
Any constructive criticism or hints and tips would be great, as i want to get this to a high standard before moving onto modelling the other parts that will make up the final scene. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

You will get a ton of ideas if you go to nursery that sells Bonsai. One thing to do is add moss to the dirt in the pot. Lot’s of Bonsai have this to help with making it look “natural”. Sometimes they have a stone path thru the moss. If you want more than one tree I think you should google
bonsai rafting. The practice of putting more than one tree in a single pot. Very beautiful… I love Bonsai. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, i was going to have several different types of the bonsai in different pots, but i googled bonsai rafting and i liked some of the ones i saw and might try to model one that looks like a mini forest :stuck_out_tongue: but I think i will start adding to the scene first. Yes I will add some moss but that will just be within the texture map. Also viewing the image on the imac I use at work the image is very dark compared to my dell monitor, I guess it must be the gamma :confused: Will start blocking out the scene this evening and will post later.

I have been working more on the tree as it has been anoying me. Could anybody please give me an idea on the best way to add branches to the tree, and then leaves or do i use a particle system with the branches with leaves on as i have been doing…?

I think the “tree” you have so far is quite aesthetically pleasing, but a close up via eg larger image would do well.

The particle system does wonders for the leaves, but regarding the branches, you have more control over this then the leaves, as many a bonsai tender will advise you.

The image looks rather “dark” so you may wish to adjust the lights so we can look under the hood for other things to pick apart, like the bark, texture of the bowl and so on.

Cheers :). The render isnt realy larger but have added some textures and tweaked the model slightly. One thing i have noticed, and not too sure about, is the size of the leaves. Are they a little too small?
How else could i improve the model?

Looking better! I think you have the leaves and bowl texture/material spot on, so you may wish to leave it alone.

The bark appears a tad too plastic like, and doesn’t seem “gnarly” enough. Maybe a darker shade of brown, or you can look up some pictures of actual bosai’s.

And there is the dirt…looking good but could also be roughed somewhat a bit.

Just a had random thought, when I make a render, I prefer a theme. Maybe you go a bit extra, and have a little teddy bears picnic under the leaves, or something.

I havent actually textured the dirt yet, will hopefully do that this evening. So what would be the best way to improve the bark texture, does it need some displacement on it do you think?

“Maybe you go a bit extra, and have a little teddy bears picnic under the leaves, or something.” I am confused :confused:, is that sarcasm I detect :stuck_out_tongue: I will be putting this in a scene once complete. I was going to start the other day then got sidetracked.

Reminds me of a PovRay hall of famer. In case you’re interested, here.

Thanks for posting that Aedion. Looking at these I think maybe the leaves should be made slightly larger and a little less dense. It also hi-lights the point kbot made, “The bark appears a tad too plastic like, and doesn’t seem “gnarly” enough.” I think the texture of the bark i have used is ok, but does need to be darker and also need to make the trunk rougher as it is a little too smooth at the moment. The thing that really needs work is the soil. I will definitely work n this next. :slight_smile: