Render, trees and enviroment - cycles/blender/ps. Bonsai - zbrush.

wow. nice effect :smiley: how did u modeled the tree and leaves?

So it’s a giant bonsai? Nice looking tree anyway!

I like the colors, and the label is a nice detail to give the impretion this is a painting :).

Very nice lighting and composition with this one!

this a blender artist

Arghh! I keep finding amazing art like this, but no .blend downloads! I’d like to find something as amazing as this, along with the blend file, so I can make a ‘custom’ wallpaper.

Beautiful!!! Well this is really nice composition and artwork. I would suggest to apply more dirt on Bonsai branch, on ground… and if you can change the BG picture from this photo to real artwork, some painted landscape will be with really natural looking into it.
Keep Creating! :slight_smile:

It is nice work like a painting in museum.
One thing I have to tell you, we, Japanese, don’t call it Bonsai (盆栽)…
Bosai is a creating one world with plant (presenting cutting one real scene) on a plant pot.

Yeah, we never call this a Bonsai at all, though this art work is so beautiful.
I would call this more sci-fi like name if I were you, anyway…