Hi guys,
this is my latest work.
Comments & critiques are appreciate.


This is beautiful, if I had not known it was made in blender I would have thought it was real.

It looks like you enabled Ambient Occlusion because the self shadowing looks a bit too bright. The stone pedestal texture could use a bit variation. Example

The model itself is great.

nice work.i think leaves could be bigger(looking at some bonsai images).may be because of particle sys.,the leaves dont look like sprouting from branches,they are just clumped.

Thank you very much AnnaC89, you’re very kind :slight_smile:
@bigbad There is no AO, I use 3 point light…
@Remade I’ll try other PS settings

Thank you all!

Overall, it is a great render, though there are 2 things I suggest:

I find the bump mapping on the tree too smooth. Usually, bark is much rougher.

The background doesn’t contrast enough with the bonsai, so the focal element is harder to see.

Thanks unyxium, I thought about it :wink:

Hi guys, I followed your advice…


You need to uncheck the ‘preview’ box on the bokeh blur node for the background.

Why? I don’t know anything about it (I used a defocus node for background).
Thank you

Ok I studied :wink:
For the final image ‘preview’ must be unchecked.
Thank you HISEROD!!!