BOO Sign

Had this idea too close to Halloween with no time to get it done for the 31st, but here it is!

Played for a long time with the cloth sim to get it to hang right, then it took me a long time to balance the cloth material shader to work with the front lighting and the back lighting from the letters.



Comments and criticism welcome!

So is the fringe around the cloth a texture or a particle system? It’s very real looking. Great job!

I likes lots! And the cloth looks so real!

Thanks! It’s an alpha texture I made. I suppose a particle system could work really well, but I think it would be overkill for this particular static project.

Darn, that shader! Wonderful

Just fantastic, great idea and execution!

That’s maybe the best looking cloth I’ve seen in Blender! I think the subtle wrinkles push it over the top! I noticed they aren’t geometry in the wire frame, so I assume it is a displacement map? How did you go about creating such a displacement map? It looks flawless.

I made the displacement map from a rough cloth I found on either or, then I applied a normal map for crinkled paper (I found it on FilterForge’s website, it didn’t need to be super high resolution at all)… the two of those together made a pretty convincing look.

Without the crinkle it was too tidy and artificial feeling for a frayed ghost shape.

Thanks for the info! That’s really creative to use the normal map of crinkled paper, I would not have thought of that!