Book about character modelling


I am a bit confused regarding the various modelling techniques for (human) characters. Thus I decided to buy a book about this topic to find out which technique would server me best. Hower a quick amazon search gave me only
‘Introducing Character Animation with Blender’.

Now, I am just wondering: i have troubles modelling a character and i want an overview about the different techniques available and a step by step guide through all of these approaches. In addition it should be software-specific (=written for Blender). I do not have problems rigging and animating a character whatsoever. So does someone know if this book also (and to which extend) is about the modelling & shading part (description just says: “Model your characters using a variety of mesh editing techniques” quite brief…)

And - of course - if you know a great book about character modelling, don’t hesitate to post it:P

Thanks in advance

carictor anamation with blender goes over basic modaling tecnques, but its mostly apply s to cartoon modaling. i dont think there are any books on constrictor modaling witch target just blender. curenly your best bet is eather tutorials, or studying other peoples modales

The only book about character animation in Blender is exactly the one you have found in Amazon. I own the book and I can tell you that it is a great read. It has a whole chapter about modeling covering box modeling and extrusion modeling. It goes from basic to advanced covering things like shape keys and facial rigging, non linear animation, armatures, lattices, etc. So overall, I think you would find what you need in this book and many things more.

But if you only need a book about character modeling, it’s going to be very difficult to find it. Most of them cover animation as well. There are some great modeling tutorials you can find on the internet, like the joan of arc tutorial (for 3d max but applicable to Blender) or the BSoD Introduction to character animation (with a chapter on modeling a basic character).

Hope that helps.


‘Introducing Character Animation with Blender’ is also available from the Blender Foundation shop. The advantage is that you support Blender rather than Amazon. tjjos is giving you good advice.

Get the book… Written by a well known and respected Blender user… Invaluable resource whether or not it answers ALL your questions…

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