[Book] Blender 2.5 Hotshot, learning Blender's full potential


I’ve been working for the last year on producing my first Blender book, and it’s now released!

I’ve prepared a promotional video showing most of the projects contained in it:

It has 10 chapters total, each one a tutorial. Two of them are available as free downloads from the book’s page, the other eight are the ones found in the book itself.

It covers most of Blender’s functionality, using a projects-based approach; including also some brief conceptual explanations for the advanced topics.

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

I really must suggest advertising - It will be worth it’s weight in gold (Probably do some facebook/google targeted ads) and of course advertise in Blendernation/BlenderArtists. It will pay for itself many times over. (At my company, a major game publisher, 1/3 of the game budget is spent on advertising!)

@LiquidApe: Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I’ll tell about it to the marketing team.

hey congratulations! it’s gotta feel good to finish such a feat. i’m thinking of making a book myself next year after I finish a couple projects (idea: a specialized book on alternative stylistic methods, like making 2D puppets, 2D animation with drivers, motion graphics, toon line rendering methods, and non photo realistic texturing. the focus would be easy methods for new or experienced users to make animations that don’t look like standard 3D. i just think it would be fun, simple, and different)