Book Cover

(Xampersand) #1

Here’s an image I’m working on for the cover of a novel I’ve written that will be published in December. The image is only part of the cover art, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


(blengine) #2

thats looking exceelent! the only thing i would recommend is a slight bevel along the covers edges :slight_smile:

(Xampersand) #3

I’m also trying to find a way to make the leather look a little more uh, leathery. The texture is based on the apple material from the Blender Texture disc. I just altered the colors a bit. Is there a way to make it look more porous?

(sten) #4

where is it ? :o

cant see it…getting 404

(Xampersand) #5

Should be there, if the link doesn’t work, try cut n paste.

(Elsdon) #6

The book looks great.Try for thousands of great textures.One small point. The gold ribs on the book spline, perhaps extrude and bevel a tad
to give it more depth.Beyond that just let me know when it comes out in paperback. Elsdon