Book cover.

Been scrambling to redo our book a lot. Here is the recent cover art proposal.
Still a bit in the works (as far as titles are concerned) but it is pretty much final.


Not bad at all, however, on the extremes of the plate under the title, it’s possible to see some polygonal outlines. Also, personally I’d increase the contrast, but it’s only a matter of preferences.

OFF: Do you have a problem with fat people? :smiley:

As i said:it is still a bit in the works. As the book nears (re)completion, the titles and so may be subject to a bit of change…but the 40’s oscilloscope look will still be here. :smiley:

And no I don’t have a problem with fat people. They happen to be a great source of humor in many a way…i try not to be mean about it though. :).