Book gateway

Hello chaps! Here is an image I have been working on for the book club at my school, eventually intended to appear on a bookmark.

The idea is that reading opens up another world, or something like that.
The fantasy landscape in the centre is by Roger Garland (apparently, I found it in a google image search). I played around with the colours in the gimp, though.

Please give contsructive criticisms.
Problems I know of:
No pages on the side of the book - the pages are just a block at the moment. I will bump map this to sort this out.
Texture stretching with text.
Large image may not scale well for a bookmark.
Central image has slight border.
And finally, don’t be afraid to post, I want as much feedback as possible, despite the fact the book club members will likely as not go “wow it’s 3d” with it as it is at the moment.

Well in order to improve the idea of a new world coming out from the book you should make some clouds around the central image because right now it seems like it’s just lay on the book. I don’t know how to explain it very well. Take a looh at this .

By the way, if my memory is not playing tricks with me, your landscape is a picture from the Lord of the rings.
And your lightining is really good, the idea of fantastic is here.

This project reminds me of the original “Myth”. The intro movie where he’s sucked into the book and trapped.

Anyway. It looks good, though I doubt a book with have an image right in the middle of the book, perhaps shift it to a page, and then make it look as if it’s sunk into the page, showing a portal, but then have things coming out of the image frame like vines or mist. But keep the glow effect you curretly have as well. Not much else I could suggest. Honestly it looks good now just need some materials and textures. :wink:

Thank you for the replies! The ideas are good, I will try to incorporate them.
I guess the reason why the image of the fantasy landscape seems overlayed is because it is… it’s just a textured plane, the of the plane faded in the Gimp as well as the colour levelled played with to make it seem more faded and part of the picture.
The glow effect is in fact a bunch of halos… and the lighting is just a lamp, with ray shadow, near the center of the book, with a bit of AO in there as well.
Unfortunately, disaster has struck, as I did not save my blend file for a while and have lost a lot of progress. In particular, the image in the center has been lost… so I will have to redo that. Thankfully the image files are saved, so not all is lost.
Anyway, keep posting, I will try to post an update next time.

I guess you didn’t.
Anyway, here’s my second shameless bump this week, this time because the bookmark design is nearing finished project status.
I have created my own image, perhaps not as exciting as the original but I am now in no danger of copyright infringement. It also should look more 3D and less of an overlay.
The suggestion of the illustration has not been replied to, but I have decided against this, as I think having the image central gives a better effect.
The central image full-size:
Progress to this point…

    Regarding textures, I have a texture on the book that vanishes due to AO. Clearly, the text is a texture, and the sky, water in the middle image has a material, as does the grass and ground.
    Glow effect of ground was created by a duplicate with a halo material. The halo material was transparent, and I think it creates a nice effect.
    The hills are not that much taller than the rest of the ground, and not very far away either. That sense of perspective is false.
    The castle is very simply made, it was never meant to be seen up close.
    I have not added the effect of the sides of the book yet, and I probably never will.

C&C is appreciated.

Feedback is appreciated.