Book: guide to 3D aircraft modeling, fourth edition

I am working on the new (fourth) edition of my “Virtual Airplane” guide.

Last week I completed its second volume: “Modeling”. It describes, how to build an accurate 3D model of a historical aircraft, on the example of the Curtiss P-40B fighter. Comparing to the previous edition (from 2015), I rewrote 80% of its content, introducing significant changes in the proposed workflow (taking advantage of the new Blender features, which have been introduced since that time).

This means, that at this moment we already have two books:

0115-01 and 0122-01

  • Preparations describes, where to find, and how to prepare reference materials for your model. It uses mainly Inkscape (an OpenSource vector-based 2D drawing program, similar to Corel Draw). 279 pages, 408 illustrations

  • Modeling describes, how to build the outer shape of your 3D model. It uses current long-term support version of Blender (3.3). 684 pages, 1170 illustrations.

The complete edition will consist two more volumes:

  • Materials and Textures, which describe how to “paint” your model (planned release date: spring 2025. Here is its previous edition, for Blender 2.7).

  • Details, which describes how to recreate internal details, animate and arrange your model in a scene. (Here is its previous editon, for Blender 2.7).