Book of Dreams

In celebration of the release of the title of The Deathly Hallows, I thought I’d make a Blender image about it.

Note: I made the cover picture, so don’t think it’s the real one!


I love it!! cant wait for it to come out too :slight_smile:

Oh, goodness, that was a fast reply!

Awesome! Love the cover. It would be a cool cover for the actual book!

I think it would look nicer on a more interesting background though (like a table, rather than something that looks like the moon).


Yeah, but I’m no good on that type of thing. I seriously cannot do wood… Though now that you mention it, it does look a little round? Must be the fog, because it’s a flat plane…

The cool thing about this image though, is that I can edit it to be any other HP book!

nice. can i venture a guess and say that you used GIMP? i recognize the flame effect. good job.

Yes and Yes. Well done and thanks!