[Book] Starter Kit Blender (in french)


Just a word to say that a new book, Starter Kit Blender, has just been published by Pearson/Campus Press:
The news is a bit limited because only the french speaking readers are aimed.

Summary :
in a work turned exclusively towards the practice, we (Jean-Michel and Marie-France Soler) initiate the reader to Blender. From scratch, one will be brought gradually to design a cartoon film, each chapter approaching an essential stage (management of space, rendering, lighting, materials, animation, sequencing, finalization). Thus, one will familiarize gradually by using the software.

As an essential complement to the book, a DVD-ROM provides all the elements necessary to follow the demonstrations and will support in training thanks to Flash animations (104) illustrating the use of each tool.


do you have a sample chapter online that users can see and the table of contents?



I like the cover design, especially the idea f the character and plane coming out of the blender screen - well done!

great concept for your book jms. being Canadian…i understand very basic French…is there enough image info in your work for those like me?

There is a link to a pdf on the pointed page :

Thanks! The editor has asked me a picture for the last London Book Fair and I did this very quickly.

Congratulations, jms

the approach to the Blender several diferent tools seems a cleaver way to show Blender.

Je ne parle pas beaucoup de Francais, mais un grand felicitacion!

The aim is “pedagogic” so we used very simple words. We made a DVD with a lot of animated flash files in which all operations are commented and explained with simple and clear texts.

Merci beaucoup.

Note : the text is displayed on the screen. We have also did some animated effects with this.

2 examples of the animated flash files can be found there :

( :frowning: After 21 days, I’m afraid that the news be no more fresh enough now to be published in the BlenderNation’s Blog).