A simple bookcase i made in blender:spin:
EDIT:To see finer details enlarge image


any tips.criticsm, or anything i would like the communitys opinion
^i know i spelled it wrong

It’s a good beginning, Mach1723.

To improve it, look to the proportions. If the bookshelf is five or six feet tall (likely with five shelves) then the shelves themselves are around three inches thick. That’s a lot more than normal for shelves.

You’ve also got some strange things going on with the light and dark color at the edges of the shelves, it’s hard to make out exactly what’s going on there (even in the large image) but whatever it is, it doesn’t “read” as bookshelf.

The shadows are also awkwardly placed, coming from light that seems to be below the piece.

Try putting similar work in Work In Progress or Focused Critique for some rounds of critique and improvement, then post the improved work in Finished Projects.

Hmm your right i made one of the most basic mistakes not looking at my work from someone else’s point of view

I improved my bookcase and i personally think it looks better now so tell me what ja think.


Anyone have anything to say?

Well…according to your render, a person who owns this bookcase DEFINITELY doesnt like to read. :slight_smile:

Nice start Mach1723, but I agree with Orinoco - post this in WIP. There ppl will help you to improove your scene. Coz for a nice scene you need to add A LOT of details (at least a simple background). Now…there is not much to comment…no offense.

Hope to see you in WIP.

Take care