Books for learning blender.

Hey everyone I’m not sure if this topic should go in this Forum but i’ll write it anyway. So i would like to know if there any good books/software that can really increase my knowledge and workflow in blender. I already have The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics 3rd Edition by John M. Blain but it really went over my head as i was a real beginner when i got it.I might open it back up but please add any useful info. about any books or software that might be able to help me , and thank u in advance.

I can only highly recommend watching video tutorials when trying to learn Blender. It’s usually much easier to learn when you actually see someone do something in Blender. There are tons and tons of great videos on youtube and they are generally more up to date than books. Just do a youtube search for specific topics you want to learn, e.g. modeling, lighting, texturing etc…


I agree with marcotronic, that many times videos show the best how something is really done. Downsize is that there is a lot of bad videos.

If you are really looking a book, I can highly recommend Incredible Machines about hard surface modeling, by Christopher Kuhn:

It gave me insight into hard surfaces that I was lacking from videos.

There is a video tutorial series on for beginners. I have never done them but I have watched some other of his tutorials and the guy who creates them is generally pretty good at explaining the stuff in an enjoyable way. So perhaps that is a good start:

Quoting for agreement. Really great e-book that I often refer back to.