I was playing with curves for modeling different shapes for a few scenes I want to make in the future. One thing I ended up with was a simple book.
The book binding is wrong, I should have subdivided the curve early on, but I got carried away. The textures are all procedurals. UV mapping would be cool later on, as will radiosity.

Radiosity applied. (I lost my book page detail)

I like them both. They both have there strong and weak points, but I think that the non-radiosity image is better, IMO. It has a softer lighting to it that makes it appear more natural.


Nice! I like the non-radiosity render the best. The binding is wrong though, in rounded spine books the pages are still squared not rounded, in other countries they may do it that way though.

I agree that the binding is wrong. Thanks for the comments thus far.

Nice images. But i’m not sure about the book pages. it looks like the books have very thick pages :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies.

I wondered if that would come up also.

My intention was to have the lines represent the pattern your eye can see from a distance on book pages, not the individual pages themselves.

I did turn up the size X higher than 5 (with Y and Z disabled) but the pattern no longer followed the page edges. It started to look like noise.

The answer to this no doubt is to apply a UV map fot the pages vs. using all procedurals.

Getting rid of the procedurals and replacing them with some good maps would definately make this look much better. Too much regularity now, if you see what I mean.