bookshelf (very sexy one though)

now i gotta make the real thing in the equivalent time of about 5 days solid.


nice design, modern and all but hum (feeling silly)… i have trouble figuring out how books can stand on the right part (that’s what it’s meant for, right?)



Very aesthetically pleasing design, Alltaken, musical, also bridgelike. I’m glad you’re doing well :smiley:

Maybe some photos of the actual unit (shown with/without some books) would be interesting once you finish building this.

What materials do you plan on using for the real thing? Is this meant to be a table top unit or could it be mounted on a wall?

Vertical wall mounting could be interesting too if this were rotated ~100+ degrees right (from current view) and if the top straight cables were taut enough to keep books from falling out.


good design. can you ship the real thing to holland :stuck_out_tongue: .

Your ganna be rich soon :slight_smile: I want one already!


Seriously have you seen what they get for this kind of furniture?? Talking 3k USD and up for something this simple.

It is sexy too :slight_smile:

nothing simple about building this can you give any insite into how your gonna build it? laminating maybe?

i cant really see where the books are going either maybe a simple render with boxes to illistrate how?

That is one really cool thing you made there! just ship an other one to our small Holland! Your gonna be rich!

Some renders of your creation in “action” would be cool.

not very handy if you have more than 2 books… but it kind of looks nice… the strings bother me a bit.


I have not much of an idea how you can put books on that thing, maybe have another render of it with books on it.

nice stylish design.

but without being harsh, when style forget to follow function, it’s useless.

I suppose books goes on the strings on the left part, so you can perhaps put 5 of them in the place where in a normal shelve, 50 would have fit.

If you are interest in stylish design, check work from peoples like Philippe Starck. Their design is almost always unusual, but never at the expense of practical use. And that’s the key, the function must be well done.

no this is very functional.

you can fit about 40 CD’s in the left hand wired shelf.

then the right hand end is designed for clipping photographs to, and other images, little wooden pegs can clip to the wires to hang the photos.

you can store a few books in the bottom of the curved part too.

its designed to hold random little items from trips and such.

made of mapple, daouble bass strings, aluminium, and bass guitar tunning pegs.


[!] I like it! I want one!

Really want to see a render with “stuff” or a picture of the finished.
Cool stuff.

Well you shouldn’t name it a “bookshelf” then, more like a little item storage piece.

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oh and anyone interested in a really beautiful design (not mine, this is a famous design by Ron Arad)

have a look at the Bookwork, its actually a very functional bookshelf. yet not flat.


thats crazy…

I actually had an idea for a bookshelf that looks just like a plain old shelf except for one thing… lets suppose that the books that this plain old shelf is holding are too heavy and cause the shelf to break… and you happen to take a picture of the shelf at the exact moment before the books hit the floor… basically its a shelf in several different “splintered” pieces that can each hold books… and each piece is slightly lower than the last and slightly tilted inwards. I wanna make this for my room someday.

yep. the ron arad one I understand… and it’s even handy… but… hmm… yours still doens’t look very handy for putting anything on… because of the strings, they will easily fall right thru. you move one, you end up dropping all those priceless glass objects you carefully had placed there.

just the way I feel… nothing personal… heh.


I think I saw that shelf somewhere. PS, I love your new sig… you’ve got a knack for making funny ones. Congrats on being the first elYsiun user (besides Ton) to have a custom title!