bookshelf (very sexy one though)

LOL :smiley:

but i do have hairy nipples, so it wasn’t trying to be funny. it was just a tradgic co-incidence.

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually those platforms that support the books that make it functional, not only they help keep books on the flat curvy sides upright but they support books to be put on the vertical curves as well.

The Ron Arad one express exactly what I was saying. The function is there and fully there.

Not the style I would choose, but a great design.

ack! And all this time i thought they floated above the wood. hmm…

Hey, I’ve got one of those at home 8) ! And I’ve made one for a picture too:

So you gotta hang it on the wall ? Cause I don’t see how it would stand on it’s own… nice thing though…

I actually find the design really neat. Tell us if its useful once you make the real thing.

yeah i’ll keep people up to date, and i am hoping tis usefull once made LOL. i have fears that it will be all warped and stuff :frowning:


It’s a beautiful design and would work just as effectively as wall art if it doesnt work out as a shelf/bookholder/picture-clipper-upper :wink:

As far as building it, good luck! I’m not completely sure how you plan on building it or what you plan on building it out of. If you have the tools, I think plastic might be the way to go. You could use wood, but you’d have to build a wood mold, and over the course of about a week bend the wood to the mold using steam and alot of clamps ;)… then you gotta treat it with something (my dad did it once) and let it dry for about another week so it (probably/hopefully) wont warp… Anyway, my 2 cents on one way you could probably get it with wood.

I can’t wait to see it if you get it put togather! I’d also like to see a CD render with random stuff on it in places you think they’d fit.

well i am laminating 3 pieces of maple that are 4 mm each, so the glue will stop it from unbending, and will make using steam totally unnecesary.

the jig to bend it around will take about 3 days to make, then after that is done the actual bending of the wood will be about 1 day. (90% preperation LOL)

Alltaken :wink: :wink:

These are photos of the FINAL, and “real” piece of furniture.

its a bookshelf with a difference. if i get five or more orders for these pieces at between 400 Euro and 500 Euro (estimation, 500 would be max cost, but based on real life figures i would refund any purchasers money that was extra than my time and materials costs. so it could be as little as $300 Euros)

would be for a limited edition run, and the purchaser would need to pay for shipping (unless i have extra from their order which i would take out shipping before refunding it)

time it took for the original piece was about 60-80 man hours

time estimated for each piece with minimum of five orders would be far less (based on what i have learnt from the first one)

cost of accessories of the piece is substantial. $125 (USD) for the strings per set of 4. $35 for the machine heads (tighteny bits on the end) $25 for the Wood. and another $40 on things like glue, scrapers, screws, aluminium, cotton…

i would quote to my final costs (based on discounts from shops, and such) then add my time to the piece of furniture, and would charge only that ammount.

so if anyone wants one of the first ever “Douglas Ollivier” limited edition furniture items you might want to get in contact with me.

if anyone wants/ needs a more precise quote (if they are serious about buying one), or wish to purchase one (or more) then please e-mail me at
[email protected]

i would be more than glad to answer any questions about it.

$125 USD for 4 strings? That’s ridiculous? What are they extra high grade or something?

Sorry, but i’m not going to buy that thing, it may look artsy but it looks like the items are just randomly put on the shelf and strings. Plus it’s way over priced for it’s needing to be improved effeciency.

Think you can make one and put it in layaway for me for say, hmm, like 10 years. Seriously :smiley:

Like i’m actually going to make a bookshelf. Not interested at the moment.

nice m8 :smiley: ,
but if ur trying to sell it, you should put it in a house etc instead of a scratched wall, lol

People will buy it for presentation not practicality, mabye on a white wall with modern furniture around it or something

Agreed, the item itself looks great, but when you place some books on it randomly it starts looking like my place (chaotic, disorderly, unpleasing to the eye:))

dude… I like it. and I think the price is a good price. there are people that would pay this much for the bookshelf and not even use it for books!

I really like your shelf.
You should try e-bay to sell it. I’ll bet you’ll get takers. have you talked to small furniture stores? There are lots of places looking for new designs.

If i was to critique it I would suggest aluminum or stainless tubing around the wire holding the books that way you would get an even distibution of weight. The sagging is bothersome.
Any way, Make more.

Alltaken, congratulations on another artistic accomplishment. This was beautifully executed from concept to realization. The final product should attract some buyers. I hope you get some orders :wink: