Boolean and bevel, with smooth shading, on a subdivision surface by modifiers; no addons required

This video demonstrate the real-time adjustment and smoothness of the bevels, behaving as seams for the boolean operations between subdivision surfaces.

NDest boolean subd


Wow, that is incredible! :open_mouth: I’m falling in love (again) with blender! :heart:

It is totaly unclear to me how a bevel or a subdiv modifier can seemingly smooth surfaces ignoring/removing existing vertices.

Can you provide the blend file or details about your modifier stack(s)? Or a tutorial?

I need it right now!
It’s urgent!
This is the realization of my dreams and desires!

Hi this is not new in blender, but the only problem with that is that it doesnt work in more complex bevels, so you will to apply them sometimes the booleans and bevels and fix any artifacts on them because subdiv is very sensitive to the topology on the model. to create good shading you need good topo first to acheive that as possible, your test has a lot of poles and artifacts in the bevels due the ngons generated…

Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply. I’ve uploaded another video that shows the process for creating the blending effect between two meshes, including other modifiers that I should have mentioned in the previous video. There is still a couple of complications to overcome, but hopefully this will lead to a more procedural subd modelling.