boolean and dark areas

i did a boolean union operation on an handle with a cylinder
to get some space to add screws inside the handle

see pic

but the boolean is also changing the height and this creates some darks areas on the handle see pic!

is there a way against this ?


can you post a close up of the mesh?

hope it gives a better idea

i might be able to uplaod only this sectin of them model if no too big here

sorry i left the screws in the holes!


Welcome to the reason nobody uses Booleans. They’re nice in theory but produce such crap that everyone would rather make seperate holes and attach them or use some other workaround.

Edit: if you’re using subsurf, a topology like this might suffice:


You could try some loop cuts across your mesh near the screw holes so you get rid of thos long triangles. I personnaly think using booleans is the wrong way of doing this as it just gives a really bad mesh that you have to put right anyway.


there has been 2 improvement on the boolean but still not woirking well!

but in this case i tryied it - to add some holes on the handle

the other way was to do it by hand edges per edges

as a matter of fat that;s what i did for some vent hoels a tthe top of the model

but that takes time

hope we can get some desent boolean soon may be in 2.5 who knows

but the thing with this model is that i started with suface Nurbs to shape it as i wanted
then converted to mesh and added the holes in it !

Thanks anyway for theses crapy booleans

ricky, if you apply an “edge split” modifier to the object, then set smooth it may help. look at this:

first pic cylinder with boolean cut hole
2nd pic same with edge split, set smooth, quick render
3rd pic same without edge split…crappy

then if you add some more edge loops like richards says (but before the boolean). and also maybe select the edge loop where the hole cuts through the surface and apply bevel (W menu). Even better results:

4th pic with extra edge loops, bevel and edge split
5th pic not bad :slight_smile:

i get the whole thing about booleans are bad, but for a quick solution they have my vote!


your right
i used edges plsit before but taht multiply aqty of vertices almost by 2

so i try to use it in last solution

i tried to find a fix for the one i have it’s almost complete but screwed up a little

but the way it is i may have to redo one with subsurf with may loops to limit the effect of the holes

so i guess i’ll redo one with subsurf and try not to use the infamous boolean operator

hope they get it right in 2.5 that would be a nice tool to use if it works fine

Thank guys