Boolean and geometry nodes

I try to use an object with a geometry nodes modifier as a boolean to another object.
My problem is that seem to does not work until I apply the geometry nodes modifier.
Is it possible to keep the geometry nodes without applying it and use it as a boolean?

In the Object Info node try to switch from Original to Relative.

That problem should not exist.
As long as output of nodetree is visible in viewport, boolean operation on it should be fine.

You may be facing a bug relative to a specific nodetree or weird geometry.
Can you share a screencapture showing the nodetree and meshes used for boolean operation ?

Screencapture :

I have created a new scene
My scene contain only :

  • a cube
  • an icosphere (for the “pointInstance” node. )
  • two planes with geometrynodes modifier

The plane of the right has his GeometryNodes apply and the left plane hasn’t.

I do not use Object Info node.
Does I need it?

Dworkin, this is how I obtain a boolean operation through Geometry Nodes:

Depending on the mesh, you could need to switch the operator from Original to Relative to have a result.

What you are doing is just instancing a mesh on the geometry of an other mesh, instead.

I’m sorry if I misspoke, I have a fairly low level of English.
What I do is :

  • Create a basic object (cube in my screencapture)
  • Create an object than will be used for a boolean operation with geometry nodes (the group of icosphere that you can see in my screencapture is created with the geometry node you can see in the other capture)
  • And then apply a basic boolean modifier (without using geometry node) on a cube, using the object which has geometry node as target object.

I think I do not need to apply the boolean directly with the geometry node but I can test to see if that work better if I do it.

I got it now. Yes, it seems to work, BUT you have to assign the GN modifier and the Boolean modifier to the same object (in your case, to the Planes) and in this order:

Here is the blend file, if you need it:
GNInstancesPlusBoolean.blend (814.3 KB)