Boolean Art (Blender Sculpt Tools Master Addon)

battle axe created with grease cutter and sculpt tools boolean sets, beside are the object primitives to build the model.

Try to check the when doing this , you will see that netfabb boolean proprietary function it is so perfect made compared to Blender boolean. I have quit using boolean modifier from blender due this fact. If Blender Boolean modifier was like that , all the CSG/Engineer/Designers/IndusrtialDesign folks were playing with it all day and report things done with it on the forum. The reality it is that Blender Boolean Modifier needs Developers badly!

Boolean based modeling it is easy for people that do Sculpting/Fine Art in real life not on a PC , it is more inherent to the way an Artist think his creation , pushing vertex by vertex = death of creation , more for someone that understand more tech than art.

When you take a pice of clay you create a primitive , take another and create a primitive , join them in a microsecond and you have a new form. That it is the most intuitive way to do things in real life.

Benefits of better Boolean Modifier in Blender : -easy to be learned by KIDS age 5-10-15 you name it! -easy for Sculptors/Graphic Designers / Concept art / Painters to make it to the world of real 3D , -easy to make product prototypes for 3D printing (Guys with retopo and etc bull crap , please stop it , make a pendant 3d print it then we talk! Try to retopo 30 rings and earrings and then after that change the loop for the chain and without using BOOLEAN!)

Real life 3D it is not CGI , for real life objects BOOLEAN it is default way to do things , from sculpture to every flower vase to the most expensive jewellery on the market , all are made with BOOLEAN operations.

settle down, man. this is all for fun. :slight_smile:

That’s impressive! I’d love to see your workflow in a tutorial someday if you have the time. Thanks for your efforts!

Awesome work on improving this for the work flow, I will have to try it out Monday after I get home to the good computer :smiley: I think some timelapse videos would get a lot of viewership on this subject, it seems like the stuff that can make a lot of people happy!

sure thing, i’ll be working on a short video just for this,

return the favor and be creative with it, post some constructive criticisms here :slight_smile:

Ok how do you use the tool? Would you demo this please, that would be ssssssoooooo sweet :slight_smile:

I agree booleans in blender are nearly useless.

They are not useless, they are in fact pretty good. The only problem they have is that they triangulate the faces. This is because they were written in the pre-bmesh days and that was the only way to do it. It would be nice if this was updated, but complaining about it won’t make it so.

Oh yeah and them making ngons is going to be an improvement? Ngons are worse than triangles. Can’t do anything with an Ngon. They just add an extra step to your work. Gotta delete them and fill. Not one person has ever been able to explain any good reason to use those. I guess you could use a boolean to eat a whole in a plane then fill it with an ngon. What the hell. Not like any of us have anything pressing going on in our lives. Ok, I’m being a bit of an ass now. I’m just trying to save some poor kid hours of his life spent learning Booleans have a very narrow use and I’m not convinced they are best used in any situation.

Booleans in blender are OK
The issues start when trying to join (unite) dense dyntopo meshes. it becomes unpredictable and useless. At least it doesn’t crash blender. Pitty. It could be a great assist to the dyntopo sculpting.
(Let’s not forget, a cut-off tool in sculpting is needed. We have one, it also uses blender booleans algorithms)

Boolean operations in sculpting is a very serious matter. The best apps so far are based on remeshing.
The best is voxels-mode 3dcoat. (live remeshing based on marching cubes -> auto or manual retopology)
(BTW the new 3dcoat beta auto retopology is a great competitor to zbrush z remesher)
Zbrush is also good enough but not so precise. (again, dynamesh remeshing -> z remesher auto retopo)

And, some clever tinny apps like Groboto. It uses a set of parametric simple meshes and creates nice topology with loops on edges, UVs etc.

@BrentNewton, indeed if you expect the booleans to make a perfect mesh structure ready to be sub-surfed without problems then you might not find it useful. However this doesn’t make it useless. It is actually quite good for quick concept models when you just need to flesh out surface details as quick as possible and not care about topology and I see this used a lot by professionals.

Anyway this is not the right thread to moan about the boolean tools, this thread is about an addon that makes use of the boolean operator, the maintainers of this addon cannot do anything about the boolean code so stop arguing about that here and contact a developer willing to fix/rewrite the boolean code.

On this thread I say my thanks for this wonderful addon, I hope I can test it out soon :slight_smile:

True that. If the guy made that battle axe using booleans then it must be a damn good addon worth checking out.

I use booleans extensively in my work, usually when I simply don’t have the time to model something by hand. There is no question that the geometry produced is less than ideal, but like everything in 3D, experience will lend itself to knowing when it is the best tool for the job. There are also various techniques you can use to help the booleans produce better or more manageable geometry.

Really, the booleans are the most intuitive, maybe, way of modelling (in a theoretical plane, of course)… you work by adding and extracting. But there is no way of achieving clear cut results with them to this day in modelling apps. The main problem is that you do not have workable topology on the resulting objects and, of course, you can not bevel their seam areas.

Having good means of remeshing the objects (as is in the case of 3D Coat’s auto-retopo feature, for example) can be a solution to the problems of this kind of modelling. It would be good to have such means in Blender too (they would be of utmost usefulness in the case of dynamic sculpting results also).

Anyway, let add a further request for a video demonstration of what exactly this add-on here does… it is difficult to get an idea about it is use without having a visual explanation.

Great work iceking and MadMinstrel! You’ve been so fast, I’ve been able to demo it today in my talk. I’ll try posting the video later, but it’s in spanish.

Angel Rodriguez posted this quick video using grease cutter

And this is the recording of my talk

i have a demo stuff i’m creating, with pics and stuff for these tools, also some vid, but my machine is broken so thats gonna be a while, i’ll let sick take over for now

oh and about the triangulation, not the issue, you can retopo that easy, the main objective here is to prototype concepts fast which old school polymodelling cannot afford, that axe was made in about 15+ min or so, using primitives, now i remeshed so i can use vertex color for quick presentation, but completely retopoable in its fresh booleaned state.

i guess my message is dont be lazy, even if we have algorithms to produce some workable mesh state, it would still be more efficient to retopo instead of repairing the mesh, that way you could plan your edgeflows and bevels more carefully without some pre existing verts on the way, pro artists do that too, some form modular modelling or another, and retopoing even if it takes them a whole day. be creative with the tools you have.

Here’s a sculpting session using the addon:

Hi sick. That’s a cool green lantern :slight_smile:

It went by in a blur, but I think I noticed you had some normal problems with the mesh exploding when you tried extracting the mask with something else than Solid mode. Does this happen often? Did you know the exploding should go away if you raise the smooth iterations?

Any other remarks you’d like to share?

Hi Piotr. Thanks :slight_smile:

The problem you mention was happening with Ian’s old code, there’s no exploding problem in sculpt tools.

I found sort of a problem extracting though.
The newly created object is masked but you can’t see it. If you go back to the original object, clear the mask(not sure if this is necessary), and go back again to the extracted one, you’ll see now everything is masked.