Boolean Clean up Doubt in Hardsurface HELP!

Hey so I am just warming up to the Boolean workflow and have a small hiccup! in curved surfaces when I do a cleanup of the excess verts I manage to get it clean but my circle is all jaggerd any idea as to how I can do the cleanup while I maintain the perfect circumference of the circle Boolean?

Here is a example of what i mean by my lines becoming jaggered:

it’s hard to say without seeing the wireframe, please show a screenshot

this was just a test i did to ask the questions hence closed the blend file what i am saying is if u notice the circumference of the both the circles they both are not perfect circles because while i did the cleanup it got bumpy

it has wavy geo

yes so probably the topology was not good, sometimes it’s better to avoid booleans, especially if the shape is easy to do it differently, it really depends on the case