Boolean crash

I’m trying to engrave text and edge marks on a dial, using a Boolean modifier. I keep getting crashes with both text or edge marks. Smaller text and shape tests seem to work OK. Is there a face/edge number limit to Boolean operations ?

Can’t answer you about face/edge numbers.
I just had a look on your file… Tell me how and what to do for getting a “Crash Test” done.

Select the dial (the flattened cylinder) and add a Boolean modifier with either the text (converted to mesh) or the edge marks. It sits and churns till it crashes. Alternatively, do a Boolean directly without using modifiers - crash again.
The aim is to have the text and edge marks engraved into the dial, as on a safe combination lock.

Has anyone been able to reproduce this crash ?

I have. It seems boolean can’t handle such advanced operations…

Thanks. There’s obviously some sort of limit with Booleans.
I got around it by rendering a top down view, then applying to a flat disc, a slightly blurred version of the render as a normal map and a sharp version as an image.