Boolean: Cut Dynamic Objects Into Pieces?

I’m sure that this is possible in Blender, but how do you do it?


just like the vid, I want players to be able to cut cleanly through certain objects.

I mean actual separation. 1 dynamic object becomes divided into 2 halves, across ANY region that the player aims at.

I assume Boolean is the only thing that can make this work.

The only managable option you have is to replace the object with two others. But they must be prepared = no free cut.

Blast it…

well, do you think such a thing would be possible next year?

i dont think this would be easy to achieve, because every cut would require textures to be mapped to the crated faces. the objects could be generated, but not the textures i think.

I can live without the textures, if needed.

As you see in the video, the watermelon has a texture for the inside (I don’t know how that’s possible)
So I’ll leave the textures alone, as long as object can get diced. That alone would be awesome.

I do not see the video. Anyway. I do not think that anyone works on such thing.

Yeah, the video doesn’t load for me, either. Anywho, I don’t think it would be that difficult, assuming you are prepared with Python and a good idea. Basically, let’s take that watermelon example.

I would make a watermelon mesh that is actually cut up into several pieces (say, three cuts across, and six cuts vertically), but still has ‘insides’, where the inside texture of the watermelon would show. Combined, it would just look like a normal watermelon (or it could just be a normal watermelon). When the player cuts it, it deletes the original watermelon, and creates two new, cut-up watermelons.

These find the closest line to where the player cut, and the unnecessary portion (that the other half is taking care of) gets moved to a position invisibly (like, the square middle of the watermelon mesh). It’s not perfect - the Player couldn’t do diagonal cuts, for example, but it’s enough for people to ‘Wow!’ over.

After all, it’s all about faking the effect, right? This can be done with walls, floors, objects, etc., and it would run very quickly since it’s not doing a real, “let’s actually destroy the environment and make boolean cuts” effect.

The video isn’t working?

try these:

The guy doesn’t start cutting the watermelon until 0:50 ish.

SolarLune I like your suggestion, however this game doesn’t use pre-cut meshes. It’s realtime boolean.

I’ve read about some system developed for operations similar to the videos.

Except these guys made it specifically for destruction of buildings and walls. Also the authors of Geo-Mod did make some use of prepared meshes.

But the videos above shows unique slices that could not possibly be predicted. So it’s realtime, but somehow runs smoothly.
(I would post a more convincing video, but it would be gory, as it shows the character slice enemies into parts, then those part into shreds)

Ah Ha!

I managed to find a screenshot that shows just what the videos don’t show. With no blood!!

take a look…
(BUT WAIT: it’s a screenshot of the game, a man getting sliced, but there is no blood or gore. But maybe you should be 17 or older to view)

So what do you guys think?
How are they doing this in a realtime game?

As already said… it is not in the BGE.

If you really need it, you need to implement it by yourself or find someone who does it for you.

I see,

I was hoping that this was supported in BGE, But I’m sure that I’ll come up with something.

If not, I’m sure that a FAT paycheck would recruit any programers that want to take a crack at it. Lol

Depending on what you want to achive there might be other solutions for you.

It is like movies … everything is a fake :wink:

I think I may have some idea’s on how to fake it more convincingly (that’s what she said :cool:)

Anyway…Thanks for your help.