Boolean cut out not working on export to obj


I modelled a room and used Boolean to cut out the doors. When I imported the obj into Daz the doors were blocked up.

How can I fix it?

It’s likely due to having ngons. You’ll need to fix the topology or triangulate it.
You can select triangulation as an option in the .obj exporter.

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Thanks for answering, I suppose that’s a slightly better answer than the one I got on the Marvelous Designer forum when I had a problem, ‘There’s a problem with your work flow.’

Assume I don’t want triangles how can I fix this? This is the first time in 18 months of using Blender I’ve had this problem. But why is the Boolean working fine for modelling the hundred other things I’ve made but not this room?

Because every program is free to treat n-gons as it sees fit. With convex n-gons it’s not an issue, but with concave ones, as in your example, it can be. Such a problem can even occur within Blender itself, where for example the 3D geometry looks fine, but UVs for that geometry would have strange overlapping faces.

So, in a way, it is indeed a problem with your workflow, albeit a minor one: exporting ambiguous geometry.

If you don’t want triangles, then you’ll need to fix the topology after boolean so that there are only quads, or at least no concave n-gons. For example:

No, I literally explained what it meant. Here, let me repeat it for you again: you’re exporting ambiguous geometry. Then I provided you with examples on how to avoid that. In that I actually spent time to answer your question, with concrete examples. I will not be repeating that mistake as far as you are concerned. Good luck, I guess.

Stan, you didn’t give me any help. You told me what can go wrong. You did take the time to give examples but your only help was to say ‘fix the topology’. I obviously don’t know how to fix the topology otherwise I’d not be asking the questions and ‘topology’, for me, only has a cartographical meaning.
Imagine if you went to your doctor. ‘Doc, I’ve been coughing all month. Help.’

“Yeah, you’ve got a problem with what you’re doing alright! I’d fix your routine. Next!”

Help like that won’be be missed.

Oh, and I asked in another forum and got a really helpful step by step of what to do. So, you don’t need to reply

Yes, I explained to you what can go wrong and why because that was what you asked, literally. I’m not psychic, and unlike you do not read something that isn’t there. I’ve no idea about your skill and what you know or don’t know how to do. If you need a concrete answer, ask a concrete question, it’s as simple as that. Your vague questions have been answered here quite sufficiently, and yet you choose to spit on that. Good going.


there’s no ngon. Everything’s a triangle.

I literally said “How can I fix it?”

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Please try to respect each other and keep the tone friendly, so no more flagging will be necessary. Thanks.