Boolean Difference Modifier Error Report


New to Blender 2.65 but competent in Illustration software. I am following a well known Youtube tutorial and created the lighthouse in the segment. But when I try to apply the Difference Modifier to it to cut a window, I get the error message: Modifiers cannot be applied to multiuser data.

I contacted the tutor and he didn’t know what would cause it. I have a Dell Vostra Windows 7 64-bit machine. The tutor did suggest clicking on the Normals, etc and I have pasted that recalculation at the top of the image under the original ones. I am sorry, but I don’t know what it all meant but it didn’t help!

I am able to apply Modifiers like Difference if I just simply create two cubes or a cube and a sphere, so perhaps there’s something wrong with the lighthouse which was constructed from a circle that was extruded then joined at the top in a peak.

Attached is an image with screenshots of the setup.

Cheers, Silene

The object with the boolean shares its data with another object in your scene (hence multiuser data). You therefore need to break that link. Select your object and in object mode press U / Object & Data to make it a single user. Then try and apply the boolean modifier

Thanks a million, you are a star…why doesn’t that come up as warning? And it’s not in the tutorial!

Cheers! Silene

why doesn’t that come up as warning? And it’s not in the tutorial!
At some point you may have link duplicated that object (Alt+D). You won’t get a warning as this is not an unusual thing to do. In the tutorial you shouldn’t have done it.

Thanks again… will be visiting back here more often. Great help. x Silene