Boolean difference not giving intended result

I am trying to create a bishop chess piece. I created the main piece by drawing a curve and spinning it. To create the groove on the bishop’s head, I tried placing a block at an angle, overlapping the head, and then subtract it from the main piece (see picture). It is not producing the groove. The picture shows the result of first selecting the main piece, then shift+select the block, then w->difference. I also tried all combinations of selecting and union/difference/intersection but can’t get what I need.
I’ve only been using blender for a few weeks, and might be missing something obvious. Please give me some tips. Thanks


First off, the boolean tools will never give you what you want… :wink:

In Blender, you can select more than one object. The last object you select is the active object. The difference applies to the active object by subtracting the other selected objects from it.

Select your wedge. Then shift-select your bishop. Press W->Difference.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip. I had tried it before, I’ve attached a pic (frist pic) of what happened when I selected the wedge first and then the bishop. That looked far from what I wanted. But I tried harder this time, knowing its the right direction. So I went to edit mode and removed the corner vertices of the wedge manually (second pic). And voila! I got (pretty much) what I wanted (last pic).
Ofcourse, I don’t want it hollow inside, so lemme go tinker some more with it. Thanks!


You might like Greybeard’s “Bathtub and Bishop” video tutorial at Heck watch every video at that site.

all you need to do to get the inside faces you need is invert the normals of the block so that they are pointing inside before you do w–>difference. It also usually works better to sudivide the block a few times before you do the boolean operation too…