boolean - difference tool joins objects instead of creating hole

Hi Guys,

I’am a newbie to Blender and finding my way around. I will use blender for 3D printing modeling. Today however I found a problem I can’t fix. So hope someone is outhere to help:

when I use the Boolean difference tool I end up with the two objects joined instead of a hole in the first cilinder. I have two cilinders of which the first is modified by hand (front and back have triangle faces). I think that might be the problem because if I use 2 regular cilinders I have no problems at all. I’ve tried remeshing the first cilinder, recalculate normals and subdivision surface but that didn’t help. That did help to not crash all the time :slight_smile:

Anyone have a suggestion?

PS: Because of holiday season I might not be at my desk all the time to reply imediatly…

Solved it already my self! I merged (to center) al the faces on the one side of the cilinder and then he did what I wanted.