Boolean difference when used again on a already done difference opens the inside of the object

When they haven’t collided

When they have collided

I have no idea on how to stop this and if there is an easier way todo this please tell me

Thanks :smiley:

I think i don’t get it. Why again? And what’s collided? What’s the initial problem you are facing?
You may show the original form. It seems to be you want this ??

(You may also try boolean modifier?)

Have you tried playing with the “exact” and “fast” options in the modifiers (all combinations)?

shown u an example
just add another block making it overlap with the other Boolean difference

ill try this out

Ahhh… you are trying to cut a cuboid out of something else and repeat this (with a same sized cuboid) while partial overlapping the former position… like using a real tool on a workpiece… Let me tell you: This isn’t what you should do whith any mesh 3D program ( maybe with 3D CAD). Actually modell the cutting tool like this:

How would I make the object look that without the mesh
beginner btw

I’m sorry? What? … You have to think about the way you wanna cut the original mesh and maybe extrude the cutting part appropriate… If you a beginner you may also look intro boolean modifier… boolean tools don’t give everytime the result you may expect and sometimes it’s easier to just model the thing.

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Ok then lol
just wanted to see if i could speed up the process instead of using the extrude tool
Thanks mate :smiley:

Good point, from some tutorials floating around on youtube, you might get the idea that Booleans are the way to approach any modelling task…

Better to learn both the “standard” way and the Boolean tools and learn from experience which one is better on which situation :man_shrugging: