Boolean Intersection

I am following this tutorial First of all the boolean operation does not work as explained in the tut. actually one need s 2 objects and must be in oject mode to be able to use the boolean operation.

Secondly, the result of the intersect operation seem to the different from what the tut suggest. In the tut, when you move the intersection, you get like two half spheres but i didn’t get that.

How do i get such an effect in blender (i mean the two half spheres like that ?)

Here´s a way to do it (might be some others…):

  1. Create the 2 icospheres as separate objects
  2. Select them both
  3. W > Boolean Diference
  4. The first selected sphere will be duplicated and become choped like you want. Move it aside.
  5. Repeat the operation selecting the other sphere first to get the other shape.

The link you placed in is dead so I cannot really be sure but most probably you are following an outdated 2.23 tute.

Blender changed Booleans around 2.25 and since 2.27 the old method is unsupported.

What follows is a tip, not a flame :wink:

The first thing to do, to learn Blender is check the official, online documentation at, Booleans are explained there

When following a tut and something is not clear the first thing
to do is to check the online doc to see if something has changed and the second is to check changelogs.

When you follow a tut and the interface images are clearly pre 2.30 then you must be veeery careful!