Boolean limitaion issue

As far as i know you can only subtract a single mesh to another, i was wondering if its possible to use the boolean multiple objects into one target mesh? like boolean by group.

the reason for that is that i want to be able to animate and move the subtract objects individually.

Look at the boolean modifier and it only has an input for an object, not a group, so you cannot boolean a group.
You will have to look at an alternatives such as (ideal option depends on the specific result you want)

  • Multiple booleans
  • Use arrays
  • Use single object but use mask modifier to hide areas of the object

well Arrays is probably out of the question because the client want random movement of the bars, i guess i’ll do 40+ boolean modifiers, its a bit of work :3

You can either use a bool-tool add-on or just assign one Boolean modifier to one bar with correct parameters then press I to invert selection and deselect the wall and select the bar with the Boolean modifier(make sure that is the active object) and press ‘Ctrl + L’ this will open a menu that will ask you what attribute you want to copy from that active object to the other selected ones, choose modifiers of course. I think this would be the best way to do this.

i think i’m going to try out a column of bar array duplicated across the x axis and the wall will be booleaned with them.

made some inconvenient compromise…

i made 28 rectangle columns each has an array modifiers repeated several times, and i gave the wall 28 Boolean modifiers, it slowed my machine considerably, but it worked none the less, i can animate each column individually now and gave it Anisotropic mixed with Glossy shader setup.

i’m hoping down the road to be able to use boolean that works with group / instance to help us improve the workflow.